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This age of unprecedented global communications, 24/7 reporting and the challenge of social media affects all those courageous members of the media who risk their lives to seek truth, report on the brutality of trauma and violence, and who have suffered and often died serving the public need to know. It is our pleasure to offer this book on a complimentary basis to the all members of the media who have a role in reporting on traumatic events and help them minimize harm to themselves and their audiences.


Understanding News Reporting, Journalists and Audiences

So much of the media coverage has to do with traumatic events, whether natural or man-made! Gina Ross provides media professionals with an understanding of how the media can at times amplify trauma; and shows how the media can help heal it and gain the gratitude of its public. Gina’s book also underscores some of the real challenges in reporting in the 21st century.  
Ross approaches her subject in a non-judgmental way, offering science-based theories and tools to understand trauma, its impact on reporters and on the public, and on world conflicts. 
The EmotionAid® self-help technique she offers can be used on-the-spot, anywhere, anytime.  The tools she brings help keep objectivity, build prevention and resiliency, and  help others heal in our 24/7 news media world.  

"Journalists today feel increasingly overwhelmed – by the multiplying horrors they must cover and by the growing scrutiny of their reporting in a polarized world. Gina Ross’ book is a gift to journalists, and to all those concerned with the media’s ability to keep faith with its mission for truth. Here is a voice of moral clarity, compassion and healing – a book written with the wisdom of the heart."

Yossi Klein Halevi, senior fellow, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem

Former journalist and Author, "Like Dreamers," winner of the Jewish Book Council's Everett Book of the Year Award

About Gina Ross

Gina Ross, MFCC, is Founder/President of the International Trauma-Healing Institute in the US and in the Middle East. She  has authored a series of  8 books that present her Ross Model for helping heal trauma at global levels and diminish violence. she has identified 10 social sectors that interface with trauma. Her model brings a unique awareness to the role that collective trauma plays in conflicts, which turn to violence and war, and how the world media can play an extraordinary role. A senior international trainer, Ross is a frequent presenter at international conferences, appears on radio and television, and run her own trainings in conflict resolution. (30)

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